Who We Are Here At L.A.B Services

Laboratory and Biological Services was formed in 1990 by Richard Khoury, and Camilla Khoury. From humble beginnings, where the company operated from home in a garage that was converted into a micro lab, it has gone from strength to strength. In 1992 an office dwelling site was purchased and converted into a microbiological laboratory where the company is currently operating from.

LAB Services recently upgraded its facilities, adding additional work areas with improved aseptic and sterility conditions for high-risk testing, which is done in individually sealed work bays. Laboratory and Biological Services have over the last 29 years gained a reputation for excellent service and have grown fairly rapidly to a staff complement of 15 and a solid client base of around 70 regular clients. This is mainly due to accurate reporting and rapid turn around time we have achieved.

Laboratory and Biological Services prides itself on establishing long-term relationships with its clients, many of which have been with us for the last 29 years. Our facility situated in Brackenhurst has been SANAS accredited to ISO 17025:since June 2006 and is also SAHPRA/MCC (Medicines Control Council) approved. We aim to improve our marketing strategy and increase our client base thus insuring that we continue offering a quality service.

Laboratory and Biological Services cc

We have a complete selection of tests and services that we can assist you with.

A wide range of our food testing methods is SANAS accredited, the full schedule of accreditation is available on request or may be accessed via the SANAS web site, our testing laboratory number is T0302.

Other services include Hygiene Audits, Environmental Swabbing Surveys. Product Shelf life testing, Preservative challenge testing, Bactericidal efficacy testing as well as organoleptic or sensory evaluations of food products.

Company Quality Policy

The entire staff and management of Laboratory and Biological Services cc are committed to providing the best quality services to our clients. Management are committed and responsible to ensure that Laboratory and Biological Services complies to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard and SAHPRA/MCC requirements for the benefit of our clients. The objective of the Quality System is to ensure that we test our clients products or samples to the best of our ability, using validated and accredited methods and in so doing ensure our clients accurate results. We achieved this by maintaining Good laboratory Practices, which are audited and verified by independent agencies. All staff are trained and understand and endorse this policy, our commitment and our requirements.